Muhanna Sweets is a family-owned, international franchise that has been famous throughout the Levant for over three generations. Our sweets first originated in Damascus in 1935. Since then, our family has been making the very best Middle Eastern sweets around the world.

     In 2000, Muhanna family members based in the United States started a branch in their hometown of Tulsa, OK. We brought family expertise, staff, and imported ingredients from our parent location in Marjeh Sqaure in Central Damascus.

     Since opening in the U.S., our products have proven to be by-far the best tasting Damascene sweets produced in the United States and North America. We encourage you to ask any of our customers or try for yourself. The vast majority of first time buyers become customers for life.

     Our products are so unique that our customers also order these for gifts, parties, weddings, and holidays, replacing their conventional dessert choices.

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